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Australian Bike Loans rates are cheaper than ever before. Motorcycle finance rates have reduced over the last 6 months. Cando has cheap motorbike loan rates, please call a Cando motorcycle loans manager toady. Our experienced loan specialists are accredited with over 15 banks and financial institutions. Whether you are looking to buy a new Harley Davidson, used motorbike or considering buying privately. Cando will find the best rates and most competitive terms available anywhere in Australia. Call or email us before you go shopping, negotiate with absolute certainty, that your new bike finance is approved. Then once you find that dream motorcycle, we will be able to organize the payment to the seller very quickly. We can get you a cheap motorcycle loan and have you on the road today

Online Repayment Calculators

Motorcycle loan repayment calculators are available for you to use at your convenience. Our online motorcycle loan calculators are easy to use. Providing you with exact repayment calculations based on the information you provide. By using a 12 to 60 month term, the purchase price of the bike and the interest rate you can calculate your expected monthly repayments. Once you are ready to buy an experienced bike finance broker will organise a approval for you. We provide lots of lenders making sure you get the right loan. At the cheapest interest rate possible. Making your decision as easy as possible. Answering all your questions, we are the motorcycle loans experts. Phone the finance experts Cando and tell us what you are looking for. We know the best way to assist you. Cando Motorcycle Loans Australia

Private sale motorcycle finance saves you money - Apply now

Buying your next motorcycle from a private seller and not from a dealer has its pro’s and con’s. If you bargain hard and do your homework you will get a better or cheaper bike for the same amount of money you are spending in a dealership. This is a big draw card for private motorcycle purchases in Australia. Purchasing second hand and buying a bike that is relatively new but still under new bike warranty is very smart. This is also an excellent means of saving money. Without the risk of buying a motorcycle not under a guarantee. Private sale bike loans do not have higher interest rates. In fact Cando’s used bike loan interest rates are cheaper than most motorcycle dealers. As part of a large group we settle over 6 million dollars a month of finance. Low doc motorcycle lending for business is also possible. Providing your use of the motorcycle is genuinely for business use. Please call and have a chat to a friendly low doc bike loan managers today

Buying a used motorbike from a private seller can have its problems. Generally you will not receive the standard 3 month dealer guarantee that is normally provided by an Australian bike dealer. Motorcycle dealers usually service the bike they are selling and tidy up any small imperfections. Fixing any mechanical problems before the put the bike up for sale. This generally means the bike is in very good condition when you ride away


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