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Brisbane Motorcycle Finance

CanDo motorbike finance provides just that! We organise financing for all types of motorcycles. Providing you with a cheap method of transport. Affordable and very economical with great fuel economy. With fuel prices rising all the time, a bike may soon become the norm for Australian commuters

As specialist bike loan brokers we have provided Brisbane bikers with cheap finance options for over 10 years. Our bank lenders are very experienced and we are associated with the major 5 banks. Our long term knowledge of motorcycle financing provide a inside knowledge of which bank is currently the best and cheapest to utilise. Searching the many banks and other lender in Australia to find the fairest interest rates in this very competitive market is at best time consuming. Other financing options include personal bank loans and unsecured loans provided by third tier lenders. As bike loan brokers we find these types of loans have increased interest rates, basically because the lending institution providing the funds do not have any security over the item you are buying. This is a high risk loan and accordingly priced.

Leasing a bike for work purposes may also be an option for the applicants who own their own business. However an important fact to remember that you will not own the motorcycle at the end of the lease term. the leasing company will and often does sell the bike once the lease term has ended. Cando have business brokers in Brisbane willing to guide you through the leasing or finance process. Brisbane bike loans offer options such as hire purchase, novated leases, balloons and residuals. We understand this finance terms and will help guide you to the best and cheapest decisions for your individual requirements.

Gaining funding in Brisbane to buy your next motorcycle is only a phone call away. Approvals take no more the 24 hours and you can be on the road. With bike dealers in every state please call today for your competitive bike finance interest rate quote