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Cando offer cheap used motorbike loans. Purchase a used bike privately or from a dealer in Australia. Cando motorcycle finance for used bike loans, Our Brisbane and Melbourne offices provide affordable Motorcycle Loan Interest Rates

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Motorbike Loans Used Bike Finance

When you find the motorbike of your dreams, you will need a new or used bike loan specialist. Cando Financial has a number of options available to you in regards to used bike finance and loans. Make your dream come true with a used bike and call us now, make the most of it. Cando Finance helps you make the most of every dollar you have available for your bike. From getting quotes to filling out paperwork, answering questions and all the way to loan approval, our team of reliable and knowledgeable loan assistants can get you want you need and on the road…sometimes in the same day! What are you waiting for? Contact our team and experience the freedom of the open road first hand.

Purchase from a Private Motorbike Seller

Sometimes the best deal is found in the paper when you purchase from a private motorbike seller. Contact Cando today. We offer the best terms in the business –no deposit, low interest rates, low payments - you name it. When your dream ride is in your neighbor’s garage, you need to act. Our loan assistants and finance specialists can acquire terms for you that puts that bike in your garage sooner rather than later. Seven days a week, we offer the best rates in Australia. Get ready to ride with Cando Financial.

Dealer used bike loans with warranty

Motorcycle dealer Australia wide offer new and used bike warranties. This can offer the purchaser piece of mind, knowing the motorbike will be fixed or repaired for the term of the warrantee free of charge. If you are on a strict budget then sometime this is a good means of securing reliable cheap transport. Used bike guarantees are especially beneficial on older bikes more prone to mechanical breakages. Used bike guarantees are generally supplied by the dealership direct while new bike guarantees are usually supplied by the manufacturer of the particular make of motorcycle you are buying. Manufacturer guarantees are by far a better option as the dealer will usually forward any problems direct to the manufacture at no cost to the dealership. Guarantee do not cover replacement of any parts or damaged to the bike due to misuse. Purchase from a respected dealership, that way you have peace of mind that they will honour their warrantee obligations.


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